I have something to admit to.

I’ve been a coach for a while now and was preaching about what to do and how and I was stubborn, myself.

I refused to do the one thing which I knew whould help me turn my life around. 

You see, before I jump into what was the core of my stubborness, I need to tell you one thing. 

This can happen to anyone! 

And the lesson is not to judge yourself in the first place, even if you do something you know you shouldn’t. 

Or you don’t do that thing you know you should do (like going for that run, applying for that new job, going to ask your bos for a pay raise or creating that profile on Tinder and start dating 😉 

It’s ok not to do what you know is right!

In my case it brought so much more clarity and understanding for everyone who goes through the same.

And now, let’s get back to what was the reason for my stubborness.

I was not ready to forgive.

There were few people I was beeing right about had made me wrong and I resented them for that. 

And I enjoyed being right about my hurt.

I bathed in my pain how they wronged me and was holding onto it for dear life.

And it was hurting me twice.

Nothing was moving in my life and I was not manifesting what I wanted. 

Till I got it. 

I am hurting myself now. Without them doing anything anymore, I am still playing out the same scenario BUT I am suffering again by my own doing. 

And I knew nothing will change till I change my thoughts.

Probably the most difficult thing to do, trust me I am a human too and I love being right. I just didn’t think they deserve my forgiveness. 

Until I got that ME forgiving THEM is for ME.

And then everything changed. 

My emotions, the release, the happiness came back.

And I received an offer to be hired on top of that too. With a very lucrative pay.

Forgiveness is the path to LOVE.

Love is money, energy, everything that you want. 

If you feel like there is something not working in your life, forgive those you feel resentment towards. It might even be YOU.

Love you, Andrea