Have you ever tried to manifest something and then you got so serious about getting it that it took out all the fun out of it?

I know what you mean.

That happened to me too. Since I started seeing some success with my initial manifesting efforts I created bigger and bigger goals for myself.

And it was exhausting and frustrating (since we cannot determine the exact time of the manifestation).

A good signal that you might be over-efforting too is that you cannot make yourself go like this (even though you believe you are doing everything correctly) any longer.

Your efforts are draining you.

Your visualising is not fun any more.

Your letting go feels like pulling teeth 😉

Your job is NOT to make it happen. The source will make it happen for you.

Your job is manage your emotions around your desire so you do not start doubting it, questioning, fearing that it might not happen.

That’s all.

One of the tools I use to easy out the stress and expectations is to MAKING A GAME out of it.

Don’t take it too serious.

It’s only an opportunity.

You won’t die if it doesn’t happen today.

And enjoy the process.

That’s the main goal in everything, anyway!

Love you,


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