Have you already thought about what you want for Christmas?

Maybe not exactly, but you might want to start thinking of what kind of goals you’d like to have for this year.

And if you are thinking, please spare me this nonsense, i get it.

There are many people talking about New Years resolutions etc.

But what I am talking about is your Life Plan.

First, let’s just recap last year. Did you get everything what you wanted?

Or you feel like nothing has really happened for you last year, so this year you want to spare yourself the disappointment and not even think about what you want.

I am with you there. It can be so painful to watch, well, not much happening in the success area. It sucks.

But guess what. This year, like any other year will pass by and there will be December 2020 at some point. It’s going to happen whether you are planning for it or not, whether you will make goals or not and even whether you will set your intentions for the year or not.

Nobody will even know. Except you.

Only you will know whether you played full out or watched your life go by.

And if you do not want another year like the last one (I definitely do not wish for that in terms of business) you better get of your bump and start creating.

Start easy. Create a vision because without knowing where you going you will never get there.

Let’s make it fun. It’s a game anyway.

Nothing will happen if you don’t play full out. The difference is in how you feel.

And HOW YOU FEEL IS EVERYTHING in terms of manifestations.

So here is the deal. Join me in my FB group Freedom Activation Society tomorrow at 4:30pm CET (3:30pm UK time) for Freedom Friday. It’s a live session which happens every Friday at the same time but tomorrow we will be talking about Creating your 2020 Vision.

Love you,