Hi, I am Andrea, a Success Coach and Lifestyle Strategist. I am helping ambitious ladies with entrepreneurial spirits to create the life they cannot resist. I do understand how it is to feel like life is just passing you by without really giving you what you want. You have tried everything and nothing really got you where you want to be. And you just had enough of watching other people leading you life you were always dreaming of.

I am here to help.

Being myself and doing what I love was always super important for me. Growing up in a very restricted and suppressed society where everyone could tell me what to do, what not to do, what to feel or not to feel, what to say or what was forbidden to say made me feel insecure and fearful as a child. I remember instances in my childhood when I was shushed by my mother just because I thought something is funny and the horror on her face when she shouted at me “Psssst, somebody could hear you!”

I remember growing up into a young adult with no sense of identity, I struggled a lot in understanding what was right and what was wrong. There were just too many opinions on everything. I grew up into a profoundly confused, unhappy and intolerant lady. But that was only the beginning. At age 27 I found myself in a relationship with a great guy I did not love, in a law career which I could not escape from, a beautiful flat in the centre of Prague and many friends who loved me but I was not able to love back. The only reason being that I was utterly unhappy.

It all culminated the night before my bar exams where I ended up crying on my bathroom floor in complete panic knowing only one thing. This life can not go like this any longer. That night I’ve made a decision to change my life. And so I did. I passed the exams, I quit the job, I quit the boyfriend, I quit the flat, I packed up and moved to London not knowing where to go or what to do. And as it usually goes, it all worked out.

I started my journey for self discovery and happiness. I did not know what I was looking for, I just knew I really really really wanted to find it. I traveled world, I meditated in caves in Nepal, I even shaved my head 😉 (true story – on my personal FB you can find my pictures where I look like a young monk). And there, at the end of the world how I call it I understood that the holy grail I am searching is not to be found outside. Not in a cave or country, not in a book or scripture. Thus began my journey to the very essence of me.

Ten years later I got to create myself anew. I’ve built a new life for myself based on my core values and principles which made me who I am and what I want! And this is what I want to share with all other women. I want them to know their right to their own life and happiness according to their dreams and wants. I want every girl on this planet to realise that you can have it all. No matter what it is! And that there is no price to pay for your happiness. There are no compromises to be made because once you love your life, you love it fully. Deeply. Madly. This is my vision for you. And i hope you are ready for your vision to become your reality. Because you deserve it and because you CAN have it!

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