You hear me right, wonderful soul.

It is time for you to stop making yourself wrong for having emotions!!!

And anger is an emotion too.

Are you at war with yourself when you feel a bit angry here and there?

Do you sometimes feel guilty for having anger because you “shouldn’t” feel it?

Like you are not a good daughter, sister, wife, mother, colleague etc..???

Let’s put this nonsense to an end.

I am not an advocate for being angry and unleashing that beast out there on everyone (LOL, even though it’s good fun sometimes).

What I am saying here is stop blaming yourself for being HUMAN!

We all have emotions and they are normal. It’s like trying to get rid of your left hand because it did show a middle finger to someone 😉

I am here to tell you today that you are not less worthy or flawed just because you experience anger from time to time.

So stop beating up on yourself for that!

You are lovable, and even if everyone around would think that you are not a nice person to be around, who cares???

Your job is to love yourself unconditionally and extend that gift of love to yourself even when you don’t think you deserve love at times.

Over this long weekend, please do yourself a favour and love up yourself at your worst.

Even if you go and kick a cat out of rage – say “I LOVE MYSELF even though I am not perfect”.

I appreciate who you are and you should too.

The Universe does LOVE you the way you are and there is no one sitting up there judging you and saying: “You don’t get this year’s goodies because you haven;t been a good girl!”

So stop the nonsense.

I know you are doing your best to work on yourself, to get better, to improve.

And you do not have to do it!

You are lovable just the way you are. Even, if you are the only person who loves you (and everyone around you disagrees with you).

Especially then,

And you will see miracles happening around in your life.

And you will realise that his stuff works.

That LOVE is what works and creates miracles.


Love you, Andrea