So you know that for the process of manifesting what you want in life, how you feel, really matters! 


How many times however, did you feel bad about something you did?

Doesn’t matter how big or small, it could be even something like you forgot about the birthday of your best friend.

Or something severe like slamming the doors on your boyfriend, starting a huge argument (remotely) and leaving the house to never come back. 

Yes, that was me just a couple of days ago.

I was on a roll, I can tell you that.

I almost saw myself from a distance while I was spewing steam like a dragon, completely aware to what was happening but unable to stop it.

And it felt good in a way. To let out the steam, get a release and get the energy moving.

Well, hours after that (when the emotion settled) I came to sense. I do am a human being as you might have noticed by now 😉

And normally I would fall into feeling guilty for what I did, how I behaved and what turmoil I caused.

But not this time.

I just refused to feel bad no matter who’s fault it was. 

I refused to play the game of I am sorry, please forgive me and love me again.

I refused to take on pity on anyone for how they (my boyfriend) felt. 


I refused to go with the social habit of doing all that stuff which I am used to doing, usually.

Because usually, I am not being in alignment with myself when I do it.

Because me feeling crappy about myself IS NEVER GOING TO HELP ANYONE, ANYWAYS! 

Because maintaining my good feeling state of being IS the most important work I can do on myself.

Otherwise I have nothing to share with anyone, do you get it?

I know it might not make sense and you might be doubtful because you are just not accustomed to that, yet.

But once you have the experience that giving up your alignment is a stupid thing, you will not want to do it ever again.

Quite the opposite.

Realising where your power lies is what give you freedom. 

And your loved ones around you will benefit massively too.

Like my boyfriend. 

He no longer has a girlfriend filled with resentment and anger.

But happy, satisfied, whole and empowered woman. 

No victim here.

What do you think, what would his choice be if he had one in this case? 

He for sure would not choose the angry victim.

And this is what I did. For him as well.

So taking care of your own emotional happiness in NOT  a selfish thing as you might have been taught.

Worth re-valuating your priorities, isn’t it?

Think about this next time something or someone makes you feel guilty, ashamed or angry.

Love you, Andrea