Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful ones.

Have you asked yourself why is life so hard?

Why can’t be everything just smooth and easy?

And it can be.

But for some reason, we humans, we like it difficult 😉

It’s true. It’s more fun this way…….

Just think about this for a minute.

When was the last time you got really irritated or frustrated? How long did you stay this way? And what did you make out of it?

Perhaps you dwell in your misery for a day or two.

But maybe it was for wayyyyy longer, maybe even years.

Holding grudges, resenting family members, rejecting certain behaviours of your unpopular boss, neighbour, acquittance).

Everything would change like with a swing of a magic wand if you could let it go.

How much freer you would feel if you could let them be and surrender.

And you can do that.

If you could create that grudge or negative feeling you certainly have the power to change that.

You are so powerful. You can create anything you want. Just look around.

Everything you see has been created by you.

You don’t like what you looking at? Create something what you like.

Only you can do this, nobody else will do it for you.

Surrender. Let go of attachment to the outcome and never stop trying.

You might create some misshapes along the way but hey, nobody said learning is easy.

But after some time you will see results. Little things happening the way you like them.

Then you will truly realise your power and believe in yourself even stronger.

Till then…… Surrender and let it be.

Things don’t have to be so darn hard, if you allow it.

Happy manifesting!

Love, Andrea