When was the last time you made a hard decision?

And was it easy?

Or did you spent days or weeks evaluating all your options?

Did you nerve wrecked your head and bit your fingernails and still couldn’t make that choice?

If that sounds like you, read on.

It happens to all of us, from time to time.

Maybe, you are even very quick in advising your friends when they are dealing with a tough situation and being quick on jumping into conclusions, when it’s not your skin in the game.

You might be even very laid back and relaxed most of the time but when things come to a difficult point, you freeze.

The logic kicks in and we start analysing, overanalysing and weighing the pros and cons till our heads hurt.

When actually making a difficult decision fast would save you the headache.

Approaching the problem straight would relief you from the suffering you might expose yourself later (while dwelling on the decision and not making any).

As this happened to me just yesterday.

I did decide to cut off the options for me to get employment (as plan B to my business, in case this thing would not work out).

Unconsciously I would keep my options open, not fully and completely committing to the doing a plan A only.

Why? Because I a rational person and I am always keeping my back doors open – just in case of emergency.

This is what sane people do, right?


It actually means a completely different thing, and send a signal to the Universe that:

  • I do not fully trust my own skills and abilities to pull that through;
  • I do not fully trust the Universe that it will help and support and not let me down;
  • I am actually OK with my plan not working out (since I have another plan up my sleeve). so don’t worry you Universe with delivering my goods since I am ok without them anyways!

Sounds familiar?

Cutting the cords of safety might feel like a big deal, but it’s not if you understand that in order to GET what you want, you need to BEHAVE like you want it.

Makes sense?

So how does it look like if you say that you want a new partner in your life and then you do not go on Tinder because you are afraid that you will not find anyone there???

Or you keep saying that you want a new house but then never go on a house hunt or call an estate agent or never apply for that mortgage?

I understand.

It’s security which keeps us doing the old things over and over again.

But there is never a new solutions coming out from the old ways of going about stuff.

Makes sense?

Go after what you want and only focus on what you are gaining in the process.

Don’t look back at what you are loosing coz that’s the price of your new life.

Which you said you wanted in the first place, remember?

Love you, Andrea