Only couple of days ago I returned from my holidays on the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. Not only I was taken back by its beauty, serenity and tranquility but the most immersive feeling of renewal flushed over me while I was there. And I remembered the quote saying “nobody is an island”. Now there could be many explanations to that one but I chose the one for myself which really best suited me at that moment.

I understand now that when it comes to our inner world, to the spirituality and insides we are all alone on this very journey through out life. I am not here to make claims of any loneliness or isolation but the very essence of maintaining the integrity of our own soul and inner most personal feelings – they are to be kept inside. What I am trying to say to all of you sensitive people, empaths of the world or emphatically attuned people is – because that is my category as well – might want to treat the enegetic outputs of your feelings to yourself.

All those who are sensitively attuned to the outer world too much and react sensitively to everything what is going on around them need to take this focus in. And that is why I am saying you are an island. Stop reacting to what the world around is doing. Stop looking at what others are acting like, saying or behaving. But that is just too difficult for you who is used to checking out on other people’s reactions for your own good, because you are drawing information from that behavior. You are very well trained to attune into others because you wanted to be sure that what’s coming is not harmful for you. It’s a part of your protective mechanism. And that is fine. It was needed at some point in your life but if you want to move forward, you just simply need to take your attention back.

Every time you catch yourself looking out for some more reason, reassurance or confirmation of what ever sort, consciously think of your own inner world first. Literally, imagine that you are bringing it home what ever got your attention. Let that object go and bring your mind back again to yourself. Are you blaming your partner, your boss, or the taxi driver for anything? Now, that it’s not you out there dealing with that situation. The real you resides inside of you where you need to go back to again. While spreading your energy to thin and too far by dealing energetically with all those situations, relationships and circumstances you will always find yourself exhausted, depleted and worn out without much progress.

Therefore, imagining that you are an island in stormy weather will bring you automatically relief and empowerment. Do not waste your potential on things which are not here to be dealt with. And the starting point is simple. Just notice when you doing it. Notice when you getting upset about the little things in your every day life. Not to mention the biggies or the most difficult situation in your life. Start with the small ones. Where you can see that you are doing it and still not get drugged into it so easily.

And remember, nothing changes overnight. It’s a pattern, a mind habit which needs to change. You have successfully trained yourself into the opposite for your whole life so do not expect from yourself to change that immediately. Day by day, practice by practice, do as much as you can and you will start seeing results. Soon!